For many years I expressed my frustration at being unable to find workshops that would help me take my photography beyond technical competence.   This personal struggle created the embryo that has evolved into Open Studio Workshops.  

Open Studio Workshops was created by photographer friend Eddie Ephraums and myself to support experienced photographers who wish to further their artistic aims, and push out the boundaries of their photography - being supported and challenged by us – as well as guiding and supporting those who are newer to photography.

Our workshops offer unique levels of tuition.  We work with some of the world's finest photographers, Both Eddie and Adrian have considerable experience in mentoring and facilitation, both approaches to development that are most appropriate for photographers at this stage in their photographic journey.  These unique workshops attract participants from all over the globe. 


The premises

"Open Studio Workshops are for those photographers wishing to go beyond technical competence in camerawork.  You may wish to find a way to develop your artistic skills; your ability to communicate more effectively, be it through the stages of image creation, edit, print or through photobooks or other media.  You may wish to clarify where you and you photography are going, to understand yourself as an artist, and clarify some aims for your artistic development.  Or, you may simply wish to explore ways to use photography to enrich your life in other ways. "

"The workshop was truly motivational and affirming, so it's given me confidence to move forward. I had wondered whether there was a room for a workshop for established photographers and perhaps other artists that was facilitated rather than 'taught' (or whatever the right word is) and which centred on creativity? I've been very struck by how almost every photographer that I come in contact with, battles with this."    Linda Lashford - Participant


The studio