Gairloch was the home of the celebrated blind piper and composer Iain Dall (1656 -1754), Piper to Mackenzie of Gairloch.   On the last Sunday of each September there is a walk to the spot where he was believed to have been born.

Coming Home  (written by Ian Blake)


Does it remember them,

this ragged ridge above us

holding in its elbow

this unfrequented glen?


Have they been locked here -

Notes he first fingered here -

unjustly incarcerated

three hundred years?


Thoughtlessly in childhood,

before his sight was taken,

he would have lifted

his eyes up to these hills


each day for seven years:

when fever blinded them,

his fingers saw for him,

fingers and ears.


Fingers making music,

marches, reels and pibroch,

many, now forgotten, known

only to these stones.


To-day, like blown cumulus,

they stream across the firmament,

notes he first wove together here,

at last come home.